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21 10 / 2021

What is the price of a 3mm thick aluminium sheet?

Many people are searching for 3mm aluminium sheet price or 2mm aluminium sheet price online. In theory the aluminium sheet price has no relation to thickness of a sheet, for we usually give quotation at the unit of metric ton

16 08 / 2021

1000 Series Aluminium Alloy Sheet

The 1000 series aluminium alloy sheet with a minimum 99% aluminium content who can represents the purest of all commercial aluminium alloys.

13 07 / 2021/h5>

What Is Circle Aluminium For Cooking Industry

What is the information of circle aluminium? 1, Alloy :1100 1050 1060 1070 1200 300

20 04 / 2021

Aluminium diamond checker plate for building/floor plates

Aluminium diamond checker plate flooring is used extensively in general fabrication and for architectural products such as flashings, pressings because of its ease of fabrication and excellent powder coating qualities.

18 02 / 2021

5052 3004 Aluminium Coil For Shutter

Aluminium shutter materials Used 90% Aluminium, with some Plastics for the slat end inserts, at each alternate end of the slats, Rubber rings on the Aluminium axle to protect the curtain as it winds around the axle, and Spring Steels Straps that connect the curtain to the axle

24 10 / 2020

The Application Of Aluminum Foil Roll Is Very Extensive

Aluminum Foil Roll has a wide application, and we can see many electronic aluminum foil in our daily life, such as used in mainframe, display, power source, and other fields. These are necessities in our basic life.

06 09 / 2020

The Common Surface Treatment Of Aluminium Circle

Aluminium circle surface treatment is again after molding processing approach, using the lathe processing lines, the overall performance is extremely regular texture feature.

19 07 / 2020

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04 06 / 2019

Technical Characteristics Of Aluminum Round Disc Production Line Introduced

Understand the use of aluminum wafer, can know why aluminum round disc will become more and more popular.

03 01 / 2019

Can Aluminum Do Doors And Windows ?

Now, coated aluminum coil has become one of the most popular top decoration materials.It is a kind of environmental protection, durable and beautiful green features.